Basic Usage

This python package consists of two major abstract classes - MWPlotMaster and MWSkyMapMaster with Matplotlib or Bokeh backend as well as a few useful utilities.

MWPlotMaster is used to plot things on a face-on/edge-on milkyway with galactic/galactocentric coordinates. MWSkyMapMaster is used to plot skymap with milkyway background with RA/DEC.

Useful constants

A few usage constants
1from mw_plot import center_radec, anti_center_radec, northpole_radec, southpole_radec  # constants
2from mw_plot import mw_radec # milkyway plane in RA/DEC
4center_radec  # refers to the [RA, DEC] of galactic center in deg
5anti_center_radec  # refers to the [RA, DEC] of galactic anti-center in deg
6northpole_radec  # refers to the [RA, DEC] of galactic north pole in deg
7southpole_radec  # refers to the [RA, DEC] of galactic south pole in deg
9mw_plane_ra, mw_plane_dec = mw_radec(deg=True)  # RA/DEC arrays of milkyway plane